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I get large groups of people in seats and I can rivet them there !  ~  David Chalk

"The Power from Disadvantage"

~ A Revolutionary Keynote  ~

"The Power from Disadvantage" has become the definitive talk, finding the Super-powers within people and companies.  There is distinct cause to the success of a limited few. David's understanding and insights are changing the way we understand ourselves and releasing the latent power that we all have suppressed deep inside.  Your life will change forever.
Breathtaking ~   John Wilshire,  Stanford University.

Inspirational | Motivational Speaker |  Technology  |   Mentor

David Chalk has become one of the leading keynote speakers in North America, having overcome amazing odds to survive and become an inspiring business and technology leader. David's ability is the real thing, as it was not taught or read, but it was discovered and nurtured.  David's background and credentials have him sought after for his award winning, engaging communication style and his remarkable fresh tools he continuously shares and demonstrates for success.  While all his keynotes are custom tailored, he drives the message simpler, better, and quicker than anyone else in a way that will keep all engaged and give specific takeaway actionable value.


David has "Only limited dates" available

It's your conference, your theme, and your success, yet Dave Chalk will custom tailor it and Guarantee it. Tangible takeaways, actionable information, and real-world case studies.  If you want an outstanding kick-off to your conference, then don't delay in contacting us!

There is so much more behind the “The Power from Disadvantage,” including David’s expert knowledge of computer technology and the future it holds for all of us. To understand all the history and success, please continue to contact us via email or read more.

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